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The Tug Toner – Rub A Dub Tug It’s All Just A Snub

The Tug Toner – Rub A Dub Tug It's All Just A Snub

This product you see is funny it's true!  But is it something you BUY or something you DO?

Scour Walgreens and eBay and Amazon, it's fine.  Does it really exist for you to buy it online?

The Tug Toner Online

A video and product went viral with speed, enticing millions to think this is a product they need.

Can this quirky product that is tugged to and fro, actually be something you can use on the go?

The chiseled models of muscles that you see on the screen and simply just actors playing out a great scene. 

The Tug Toner you see is not really real, is's meant for laugh not your money to steal.

While dynamic resistance is a legit exercise technique, you'll have much better lock hitting the gym for a peak. 

Using cable machines are an example of best, which uses dynamic resistance to train arms, back and chest. 

So today all your searches for The Tug Toner can end, because it's a late night comedy spoof, not a real product my friend. 

It's funny to watch, and imagine those guys, are really you one day packing on muscle and size. 

Buy The Tug Toner Online

But the cold hard truth, if you want to hear it or not, is to get your as into the gym, grab a weight and a spot. 

Lift till you feel that your muscles are spent, and go home feeling good and spend your money on rent.

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