WODies 2 in 1 Grips Review

WODies 2 in 1 WOD Grips as Workout Gloves

WODies 2 in 1 WOD Grips as workout gloves might be a good option for some diehard Crossfit fans but there are thousands of weightlifting fans that choose to use hand protection in the gym that is more efficient. If you're doing chest presses, biceps curls, or cable cross overs you might not even think of donning a pair of workout gloves, but you definitely should! 

Best Workout Gloves 2017

The International Fitness Review recently ranked GymPaws® as the number one best workout gloves 2017 among their 150 entries. They included popular stayhard fitness brands like Harbinger, Valeo, and Sheick and other lesser known brands including WODies 2 in 1 WOD grips and Barehand Gloves. There's a reason why The original leather weightlifting grip GymPaws was at the top of the list. 

Best Workout Gloves 2017

  1. Genuine Leather is genuinely better. We only use the highest grade cowhide leather.  During the tanning process a natural vegetable oil process is used which leaves the leather soft and supple and machine washable and dryable. WODies 2 in 1 WOD grips for example use a synthetic faux leather and worse yet some gripads are made from the same rubber material as your computer mousepad. 
  2. Slight padding means no added bulky material to get in the way!  This is important. Some of the knock off workout gloves manufactuers think that adding more padding somehow makes the glove easier or more comfortable to use during your gym workout or typical WOD.  This isn't the case. You need to retain some tactile sensaion when you're lifting.  This engages the smaller muscles and tendons to help with your weightlifting whether it be with dumbbells, cables, or bodyweight exercises. 
  3. Four finger loops not only keep your GymPaws in place, but they help them to fit like a glove. WODies 2 in 1 grips for example have a slight slice of material that tends to bunch up and fold over.  This isn't a great thing to have happen if you're trying to bust out Filthy 50's in Crossfit where you're moving quickly from one exercise to another!

One of our Certified Personal Trainers made a cool gym gloves review video that kinda shows the features and benefits of GymPaws® Original Leather Lifting Grips

When you're searching for WODIES 2 in 1 WOD Grips consider the type of exercise you're going to be doing.  Do you want a product that helps you bust our a few more chest presses or biceps curls, or something you end up using once and tossing away.  Of course you can find authentic GymPaws® products right here on our website and you can even use your Amazon account to checkout, but you also have Paypal and credit card options as well.