GymPaws Workout Gloves for Crossfit and Weight lifting workouts.

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Callused hands are gross!

You workout. You sweat. You look good naked.  One could even say that you might have a “top rated” bod.  Shouldn’t you have the Top Rated Workout Glove as well?  Of course we’re just being silly – but it’s true. GymPaws workout gloves are the #1 Top Rated Workout Gloves on Amazon!  So why should you care? Callused Hands Are Gross

  1. A callus is nothing more than an excess buildup of layers of skin.  It’s your body’s natural defense against the stress and friction that you place upon it.  This is why the skin on your hands and bottom of your feet is thicker than say you’re eyelids.  There is constant friction against this skin, so it naturally grows thicker. If you workout regularly – and I’m not just talking about once a week – then you need to be wearing a pair of workout gloves if you want to avoid getting gross callused hands. The fact is that it’s far easier to prevent calluses in the first place, than it is to treat callused hands!
  2. GymPaws Workout Glove are designed to fit right in the palm of your hands.  Exactly where you need protection from the friction that lifting weights, working out a crossfit #wod or any other activity for that matter!  You don’t lift weights with the back of your hand, what’s the point in having all that extra fabric there?GymPaws Workout Gloves for Crossfit and Weight lifting workouts.
  3. GymPaws are real leather.  The palm is constructed from the highest quality leather – for durability and comfort!  The back of a pair of Gym Paws is made from Neoprene.  Neoprene is the same material used for Scuba Diving suits.  It doesn’t hold water – which means GymPaws won’t get sweaty and gross like full leather old school bodybuilding gloves!

The Reviews Are In! We didn’t get to the #1 Top Rated Workout Glove on Amazon because we’re pretty.  We got there because we deliver a product that does EXACTLY what you need it to, when you need it to, and as long as you need it to!  Sure they come in lots of cool colors – and even our newest Cheetah Workout Glove.  You can call them Lifting Grips, Workout Gloves, Gloves for Crossfit, Gloves for Bootcamp, Pull Ups gloves – or whatever you want. We call em cool – and the alternative to walkin around with gross callused hands!