Wrist Wraps For Weightlifting and Crossfit

Wrist Wraps For Weightlifting Or Crossfit

Wrist Wraps For Weightlifting and Crossfit

2016 is almost over and you may be one of millions of people who have already vowed to focus on a new fitness or exercise routine in the new year.  Many of you may even have received some new gym gear as a fitness gift this year.  Workout gloves are one of the most common additions to your gym bag, but they're not the only ones. Wrist wraps for weightlifting or Crossfit are becoming more popular, but do you need them?

Wrist Wraps For Weightlifting or Crossfit

We all know what workout gloves are for.  They protect your hands from the friction caused by weight training or from doing bodyweight exercises or functional training movements.  Whereas gloves are designed to enhance grip and protect the hands, wrist wraps for weightlifting or Crossfit serve a slightly different purpose.  Wraps add stability to the delicate muscle and bone structure of the wrist joint.  While they can enhance your performance, they can also inhibit movement and actually work against you if you don't know how or when to use them properly. Let's breakdown some examples of where they might be beneficial. 

Crossfit Pull Ups or Lat Pull Downs

Wrist Wraps For Weight Lifting

These are technically two completely different exercises, however they tend to work the same muscle groups.  More importantly, they both put added stress on the wrists.  Having a qualified Personal Trainer watch or coach you on proper form for any exercise is always a good idea.  They will be able to tell you if your wrist tend to pronate or supinate or lean forward or backward as you complete the movement.  Wrist wraps can help to stabilize the wrist and avoid possible injury. 

Weight Training

Lifting heavy weights when training can also put undo stress on the wrists.  Some people find that stabilizing the wrist allows for a cleaner range of motion, allowing them to maximize the workload. Wrist Wraps for Weightlifting or Crossfit are helpful for the most part, but don't expect them to enhance a weak grip. I've seen many injuries from Crossfit hand taping where the athlete mistakenly thought that a thin piece of tape or cloth would offer strength where their own grip was in question. 

Crossfit Hand Taping and Wrist Wraps

GymPaws® wrist wraps for weightlifting or Crossfit are designed with military grade cotton-blend fabric that is highly durable and can be machine washed and dried.  The thumb loop and ergonomic design offer support for maximum performance.  You can find them as well as all of our line of exercise and fitness gear on http://www.amazon.com/shop/gympaws.