unique weight lifting gloves

Unique Weight Lifting Gloves

Unique Weight Lifting Gloves - GymPaws Grip PadsQuestion:  How do you get your hands on some unique weight lifting gloves?

Answer:  uNIQUE up on ’em!

Seriously tho, GymPaws® are one of the best rated weight lifting gloves because they are so unique.  They’re a hybrid between a half finger workout glove and a lifting grip.  You get the benefit of a full glove, but without all the bulk.  Other lifting grips have to way to secure them to your hands so they shift around during workouts or fall away completely.

Here’s some more details about GymPaws® Lifting Grips (which btw make a great fitness gift idea)

Unique Weight Lifting Gloves

Unique Weight Lifting Gloves

1. They’re made from 100% Genuine Leather, not micro fiber or synthetic spongy crap like other gloves.

2. They’re Hydrophobic which is a fancy way of saying moisture resistant. Leather is obviously impervious to water, and the Neoprene backing is actually the same material used in scuba diving gear.

3. Four finger loops keep them in place, which means that they FIT like a glove!

4. They don’t get in the way of your workout or make your hands sweatier than they already get from working out.

5. Your hands will not develop nasty callouses from the friction against the weights or pull up bar.  Callousity is the medical term for calluses.  YES calluses are a CONDITION they are not a sign of your level of fitness despite what some of the meat head crossfitters may think.

unique weight lifting gloves

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