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What To Know Before You Buy Tug Toner Online

Buy Tug Toner Walgreens

Millions of gym goers and Crossfit fans search every day for workout tips, or what they can do to lose weight or build muscle. I'm willing to bet that the vast majority of the information you find online is going to be useful.  The question really is if you're going to put that good advice to use.  Millions more people are getting their daily news and worldly events via social media platforms and the like. Long before (although not that long) we were used to hearing "fake news" on a daily basis, we were being exposed to it almost non stop.  I'm surprised to see how many people think late night spoofs are based on fact.  Here's what to know before you buy tug toner online. 

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A couple of years ago Late Night with Jimmy Kimmel aired a parody of the ridiculous late night infomercials we've come to love.  Here is when the Tug Toner was "born" and probably when lots of people started to search to see where they could buy it.  Walk into any Walgreens and you'll spot tons of "as seen on TV products" like the Ped-egg, InstantFigure or ShamWow among many. Online stores like Amazon and eBay are littered with even more of these fascinating products.  What they all have in common however, is that at none of those places will you find a Tug Toner For Sale. 

What To Know Before You Buy Tug Toner Online

Okay are you ready for the big reveal?  Are you finally ready to find out how you can get your bored hands on one of these puppies? What to know before you buy tug toner online is that the Tug Toner is not a real product!  Some ingenious art department created it as part of the late night sketch spoofing other workout and exercise equipment commercials. 


Ironically as silly as it looks, the Tug Toner actually demonstrates a tried and true workout principle called Dynamic Resistance Training. We wrote a very in depth article about dynamic resistance training over two years ago. You can read it in full here if you'd like (link opens in new window)

If you really are into working out, what IS real are the calluses you may get from putting skin to metal.  GymPaws® gym gloves are ergonomically designed to fit right in the palm of your hands to provide protection at the pressure points on the hand from weightlifting or bodyweight exercises.  Slight padding helps ease hand fatigue and the 100% genuine leather palm assures they'll outlast any other gloves or grips on the market. 4 Finger loops on the Neoprene backing assure that they'll stay in place and actually fit like a glove!

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Of course you can get them right here on the website and use Amazon at checkout or eBay or a credit card, and in addition you can find our full line of fitness products on Amazon. (but you won't find the Tug Toner)


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