Wodies Crossfit Gloves Review

Wodies Crossfit Grip Review And Options

Wodies Crossfit Gloves Review

You stretch, you sweat, you swole and repeat.  This is the routine in a typical Crossfit WOD.  Another thing that’s unfortunately too typical during one of these wodies is torn up palms, grips, and hands.  While some may proudly wear these bloody lil monsters as a badge of honor, they are far from that!  I’m going to tell you how to avoid calluses, improve your little wodies crossfit grip, and sculpt more muscle than ever before.

Crossfit Hand Pads, Grips and Gloves

Crossfit wods can be grueling.  They involved a combination of weight lifting, gymnastic, power lifting and bodyweight exercises.  This form of HIIT or high intensity interval training is popular for those wanting to burn calories and build muscle.  Because of the nature of a typical crossfit wod, you’re transitioning quickly between exercises with little rest, and therefore little time to take your gloves on and off.

Crossfit Gloves

There really is no such thing.  Crossfit is a trademarked term relating to the type of workout, ” (i.e.  an on-going series featuring fitness, nutrition, sports and exercise provided through television, internet; providing information in the fields of fitness, sports and exercise.*)  Gym gloves manufactuers can say that their product is used for crossfit, meaning they type of workout.  Similar to weight lifting, kettlebells, weight lifting etc.,

Hand Pads and Wodies Crossfit Grips

Wodies Crossfit Grips

There’s a bunch of cheap stuff out there that is basically a thicker version of a rubber mouse pad.  The idea is that they protect the hands from the pressure and friction that can cause calluses.  However, they are extremely ineffective for most workouts because they don’t stay put in your hands!

Wodies® are another type of hand protection designed for circuit training style workouts like crossfit.  They’re basically a piece of material with 3 small holes for your fingers, and a wrist support.  The idea is that again by eliminating the friction between your hand and the bar. If you’re looking for Wodies crossfit grips reviews look no further.

Wodies crossfit hand pads

GymPaws are the far superior alternative to wodies crossfit grips because they actually offer hand protection. This is why 10,000’s of customers rated them as “The Best Gloves For Crossfit” including being named “Best Workout Gloves 2015” by Heavy. com.**

  • 100% Genuine Leather Palm is slightly padded to ease hand fatigue.
  • 4 Finger Loops keep them in place even through the most grueling workout, pull ups, ktes or knees to elbows.
  • Real Leather is Real Better.

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