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top workout glovesMost Popular Weight Lifting Gloves:  There’s no denying that working out can take a toll on your hands.  weight lifting straps, wraps, gloves and grips can help, but what should you choose?  Here’s a breakdown of what to look for in your new gear.

Here’s Why GymPaws are one of the Most Popular Weight Lifting Gloves

Lifting gloves and workout gloves are great for any level of fitness from the hardcore lifter to crossfit athlete to to weekend gymrat.  Weights will commonly give you hand calluses or soreness however a simple pair of gloves can avoid that.

1.  Simple yet effective GymPaws cross fit workout gloves give you added protection, and slight padding without feeling bulky.
2.  Ergonomic design. Some lifting grips for the gym are too bulky and restrict movement.  GymPaws workout gloves are designed to allow ease of movement.  The four finger loop neoprene backing is one of the reasons this is a top workout glove for men or women.  Simply put… less bulky material and they stay in place.
One of my favorites exercises is the pull up because they are one of the best upper body workouts you can do.  One of the down sides however is that the only thing coming in contact with a weight is your hands grasping the cold metal bar.  If your grip slips or you are unsure of the weight your grip can bare you may not get the most out of a pull ups exercise.   Using a top workout gloves like GymPaws assures that you won’t get a sweaty build up from the tough workout.  It will also increase your confidence in the actual lift.

Pull ups exercises put a lot of strain on the forearm muscles which is the muscle group between the elbow and the wrist.  The brachioradialis muscle is the flexor of the elbow and servers to connect the pronators and supinator muscles of the hand.

With a proper pull up exercise you will quickly notice that your grip becomes tested and you may even feel a slight burn in your forearm muscles.  A top workout glove won’t necessarily descrease the exertion placed on these muscle group, however if you don’t have to worry about your grip slipping you’ll be able to focus on performing the movement accurately.   A solid workout needs a top workout glove!