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If you know what muscle ups, clean and jerks, and deadlifts are, then chances are you're familiar with a typical Crossfit WOD.  If you're ever participated in one of these HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts then you know how grueling they can be on your hands. Getting a good pair of gym gloves for crossfit is not only going to give you hand protection, but it will help you get the most our of your workout. 

Gym Gloves For Crossfit

Crossfit WODS are tough.  Because there is little to no rest between exercises, your core body temperature is raised along with your heart rate, which causes you to sweat more than during a typical weight training routine.  Regardless of what exercise and fitness philosophies you subscribe to, there is no debate that wearing gym gloves for your routine will enhance performance. 

Gloves for Sweaty Hands

Girls Who Lift Pics

The reason GymPaws original Leather Lifting Grips have become a top favorite for Crossfit enthusiasts is because of their ergonomic and hyper breathable design.  Because the back of the hand is open, it allow for maximum air circulation.  Unlike the spongy rubber gripads, GymPaws have four finger loops to keep the grips in place.  They fit like a glove, without all the excess bulky material to make your hands even more sweaty than they already are!

Leather is Better

GymPaws are make from 100% genuine cowhide leather.  Leather is the most durable (and natural) material when it comes to exercise and fitness equipment or Crossfit gear.  With the slightly padded palm, GymPaws ease hand fatigue and enhance your grip, allowing you to maximize your reps.  The unique design does not inhibit movement, but rather allows your hands to rotate naturally around the bar or dumbbell. 

Top Rated and Reviewed Workout Gloves

For a couple of years now, GymPaws has consistently been one of the top rated and best reviewed workout gloves online.  Unlike some of the other manufacturers out there, the team at GymPaws prides itself on reading real customer reviews.  Learning how our customers use our products helps us to constantly improve them.  Crossfit gym gloves come in all shapes and sizes and colors and materials.   The most expensive is not always the best quality.  Read the customer reviews, talk to fellow crossfitters the next time you hit your box for a WOD and listen to what people have to say.  Worst case scenario, you can rest assured that you have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all the products you purchase from GymPaws Inc!