Serious Weight Lifting Grips

QVC Gym Gloves Buying Guide

Serious Weight Lifting Grips

Millions of dedicated viewers watch this mega-giant home shopping network everyday, but those of you exercise and fitness fanatics might be a little disappointed with the selection they offer for equipment and accessories to make your workout a little better.  This QVC Gym Gloves Buying Guide will help you decide between the best and the rest!

QVC Health & Fitness Category

When you first visit their website you'll find a couple of well known exercise and fitness brand names like Total Gym, Nutrisystem, FitBit and AeroPilates.  Some of these brands are staples of the infomercial genre and are well recognizable. However, when Fitness DVDs are a main category on any ecommerce exercise and fitness website, it's clearly not jiving with the trends of 2016!  When was the last time that your ordered fitness dvds online?!

Okay so we've established the the QVC Health & Fitness page is about as current as a wooden nickel, let's check out more of their products that an active weightlifting or Crossfit fan might be looking for. 

QVC Gym Gloves Buying Guide

Now we've navigated to Fitness Equipment & DVDs > Accessories.  This hurts more than a billy goat's ass in a pepper patch!  Let's see, we can buy a leather band for our new FitBit, a neoprene fanny pack, or a USB cable.  If that doesn't sound like a perfect toolbox to take to the gym I don't know what does!  Where are the Gym Gloves or Crossfit Hand Protection, or Weight Lifting Grips.  Granted, the majority of QVC viewers may be women, but we all know that #girlswholift are everywhere!  Just walk into the weight room at any gym!  Gone are the day of step aerobics and leg warmers.  Come on QVC you need to give the ladies a little more credit.  They sweat it out in the gym and weight room just as much as the guys in 2016.

Rest assured, when it comes to our QVC Gym Gloves Buying Guide we did discover ONE pair that ALMOST isn't as embarrassing as the rest of the category Valeo 1 lb set of Power Gloves for Women. We said almost btw.

Valeo weight lifting gloves are a bodybuilding mainstay.  They've been around for decades and we've talked about them numerous times on our website, including What Are The Best Mens Weight Lifting Gloves post.  They make a really good quality product, however innovation is not what they're known for. 

QVC Exercise and Fitness

Until GymPaws® gym gloves are flickering on the screens of millions of loyal QVC viewers, you're going to have to buy gym gloves online anywhere other than  You can get all of our products on Amazon, or you can get them right here on our website and Pay with Amazon, or choose PayPal, or with any major credit card.