Hand Pads For Pull Ups

Hand Pads for Pull Ups

Hand Pads For Pull Ups

There’s no disputing that one of the best upper body exercises you can do is pull ups!  They’re a staple exercise for nearly every Crossfit WOD, and pull ups are essentially a bodyweight exercise that can be done just about anywhere, anytime.  There are many variations you can do and once you start seriously training for or with pull ups. it’s time to start looking for some hand pads for pull ups.

Knees To Elbows

First things first.  While the pull up may seem like a fairly simple exercise to master, if your upper body isn’t conditioned properly, your pull ups form isn’t going to be great.   Advanced variations like Knees To Elbows (KTE) and Kipping Pull Ups are super effective at sculpting a lean and chisled upper body.  However it’s important to understand proper form for a basic pull up as well as how you can start training for pull ups.

Hand Pads For Pull Ups

So there are almost as many options for buying gym gloves online as there are pull ups variations, so where do you begin?

Consider the material – GymPaws® Leather Gym Gloves were and are the original Genuine LEATHER hand pads.  That’s important because pull ups can really tear up your hands.  You don’t want a flimsy piece of rubber. Also, it’s important to remember when doing pullups, that your hands are supposed to naturally rotate around the bar, not stick to them!

4 Finger Loops – What’s the point of even using hand pads for pull ups if they don’t stay in place where you need hand protection?  GymPaws Leather Lifting Grips have 4 finger loops which will assure that they won’t slip or move around when you’re using them, which could compromise your form.

No bulk – The minalmist design or GymPaws was intentional.  The GymPaws team consists of personal trainers, athletes, exercise physiologists, and sport specific trainers.  They helped design a protect that enhances performance without inhibiting movement.  When you use a pair of hand pads for pull ups, you want them to help your workout, not make you not want to workout!

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