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Guide To Buying Weight Lifting Gloves Online

Buy Weight Lifting Gloves Online

Most people put more thought into what movie they want to see than what gym gear they buy.  Fitness products are meant to help you maximize your workout and training and that includes weight lifting gloves.  Pro and college athletes in almost ever major sport has sport specific gloves that they use for training.  Football, baseball, soccer, rowing, biking, boxing, and even Nascar drivers have specific gloves.  They don’t use them because they look pretty or were the cheapest price, or because they read some Amazon reviews.  They use them for their function to help them enhance their performance.  The same goes for the weight room.  Our team of Certified Personal Trainers have put together The Ultimate Guide To Buying Weight Lifting Gloves Online. Let’s get started.

What Are You Going To Use Your Gloves For?

This is the first step to deciding what gloves to buy.

Crossfit, HIIT, Circuit Training – These are high intensity workouts that allow for little rest in between sets or stations.  You’re going to sweat A LOT.  If you’re going to wear a full half finger workout glove, you want something that is going to allow for maximum air circulation so that you don’t end up with soaking wet gloves.  If you just want crossfit hand protection that will eliminate tearing and blisters you might choose a lifting grip.

Weight Lifting, Bodybuilding, Strength Training – For these workouts you can use something a bit more substantial because there won’t be any need to take them on and off between reps.  One thing to consider when buying weight lifting gloves online is that you do not want a glove that has too much padding.  Lots of crappy glove manufacturers out there think that padding is a selling point, and it is for amateur lifters. They don’t want to feel the pain.  Serious weight training fanatics know that too much padding means they don’t feel the weight, or pressure points, and they lose tactile sensations.

Buying Weight Lifting Gloves Online

GymPaws® Weight Lifting Grips are are great option for both scenarios.

  1. Genuine Leather Palm will be the most durable grip you can buy online.  With a low profile design, they fit right in the palm of your hands, and don’t inhibit movement.
  2. Military-grade Neoprene naturally wicks away sweat, 4 finger loops means that they actually FIT LIKE A GLOVE.

You can buy GymPaws® online on Amazon:

Crossfit Weight Lifting GLoves

OR you can buy them right here using your Amazon account at checkout, or if you prefer, PayPal or any major credit card.

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