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Crossfit Gloves for Men

Crossfit Gloves for men. What are the choices. There are so many frickin options when it comes to finding the best Crossfit Gloves for Men!  Weightlifting Gloves, Lifting Grips, Hand Taping, or Workout Gloves – but what’s the best option?  We’re going to breakdown some of the choices you have based on our very own customer feedback!  First we’re going to dispel the myth some people seem to subscribe to, that no one needs crossfit gloves for men!  Newsflash, it is NOT normal to be walking around with crusty, torn, and bleeding hands after a workout!

This past summer we did a little overview article that has become quite popular. In a post titled Crossfit Gloves Review we briefly covered a few options.  There you learned briefly about the different types of Crossfit Hand Protection that are being used.

Guys… if you’re looking for Crossfit Gloves for Men you need to first know what you’re actually looking for!

First of all… there is no such thing as “crossfit gloves!”  Crossfit is a trademarked term from the CrossFit organization which protects their name as a style of exercise routine. Unless the Crossfit company themselves comes out with an “official” crossfit glove, it really doesn’t exist.

As a description of a glove or crossfit hand protection that one might use – people commonly call them Crossfit Gloves.  Just the same as you would say a box of Kleenex.  It’s actually a box of tissues… but we know what you mean 😉

Okay… so what’s the difference between all these options?

Hand Taping – Is definitely a type of hand protection used for Crossfit and it is more popular with more advanced athletes.  It basically follows the same principles as hand taping for gymnastics. Because this is derived from the gymnastics world it’s benefits are a bit limited for other uses. For example, in a Crossfit workout you may be lifting weights or doing other strength training moves.  Hand taping isn’t going to offer much protection for this. You can read more about hand taping and watch a video demo hereFit Four Gloves, Workout Gloves Harbinger

Bodybuilding Gloves or Weightlifting Gloves – These will offer you the hand protection you’re looking for to avoid calluses, and they’ll also help cushion some of the pressure placed on your hands during a grueling circuit workout.  However, if you’re looking for Crossfit Gloves for Men and opt to use a traditional glove you may find that the glove restricts your movement a bit for some of the non weight lifting exercises.Crossfit Gloves for Men Crossfit Gloves for Women

Weightlifting Grips – Lifting Grips – Leather Weightlifting Grips like GymPaws® give you the best of both worlds so to speak.  They protect your hands against calluses and friction from your workout, but they also allow natural hand rotation and movement.  Because the design fits discretely in the palm of your hands, do you don’t have to worry about taking them on and off in between exercises.   Fans of GymPaws® have rated them the #1 Top Rated Workout Glove for Crossfit.