What Does Swolemate Mean on Facebook

What Does Swole Mean On Facebook?

What Does Swolemate Mean on Facebook

Your level of fitness isn’t as important as the fact that you get yourself to the gym regularly.  One of my favorite quotes is, “You are what you do consistently.”  Meeting your daily and weekly workout goals is the most important factor when it comes to meeting or exceeding your fitness goals.  If you’re feeling like it’s getting more challenging to maintain your level of motivation, you may want to consider starting to workout with a friend.

Just the other day one of my clients asked me “what does swolemate mean on Facebook?” and that began a discussion about whether or not having a swolemate in the gym is a good thing or not.

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What Does Swolemate Mean on Facebook?

More and more people are getting workout tips and advice from people they follow on social media.  Just because they look ripped and toned doesn’t mean that they are the most qualified people to be rendering fitness advice.  Regardless, looking at pics of people who have achieved a goal you’re working towards can still be #fitspo (fitness inspiration).

Other Fitness Motivation Tactics

You’ve probably heard the term Swolemate before.  This is slang that refers to someone with whom you workout, or a workout buddy. Recently Men’s Health published an article touting the benefits of having a swolemate.

  1. More accountability. – You may stick to your daily or weekly workout schedules if you have someone else who’s waiting on you.
  2. Workout intensity and pace. – When you’re sweating it out with your swolemate you may be more likely to pump out a few more reps with their encouragement.  On the flip side you probably also won’t burn through your workout as fast as possible.
  3. Satisfaction. – A better workout leaves you feeling better about yourself and the effort you just put forth.

Find Your Swolemate

The next time  you find someone asking “what does swolemate mean on Facebook” you can not only happily answer that question, but you might just have found yourself a swolemate!