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Lot’s of people shy away from the gym because they feel intimidated by the chiseled physiques of hot guys with abs or supermodel women, but you have to get past that.  If you’re not comfortable in the gym or with weight lifting, it’s time to get yourself a Personal Trainer, and while you’re at it, a pair of the best gym gloves for guys!  So what should you look for in a good Personal Trainer and what can you expect from your sessions?

First of all, you want a Personal Trainer who is currently, or was previously certified by an accredited organization.

Lot’s of big commercial health club chains like Bally’s and 24 Hour Fitness will actually “certify” their own trainers.  While this may be some great training, these trainers couldn’t train outside that gym because they’re not credentialed.  With these big chains, personal trainers are more sales men and women than they are fitness professionals.  Just like when you’re looking for the best gym gloves for guys, you want to know that they’re made from real leather and crafted for high performance and durability, like GymPaws®.

Buy Gym Gloves Online

Pay attention to reviews!

With a trainer this may seem a little odd.  It’s not like their services are sold on Amazon where you can read gym glove reviews!  Any trainer will tell you that their highest source of income is from referrals from other customers. If you’re in the gym, don’t be afraid to politely as the person who you saw being trained, what they think of their trainer (wait till after the session of course).

Use your personal trainer as a source of information, not as a motivation to get to the gym!  If you’re not comfortable weight lifting, have them show you various exercises you can do with proper form.  If you’ve always wanted to take a Crossfit class, but feel awkward as the newbie, ask the instructor to give you a one on one session to familiarize yourself.

Best Gym Gloves For Guys

The sad truth is that most people put more effort into reading weight lifting glove reviews or hunting for the best gym gloves for guys, than they do actually using the product!

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