Should I Use Gym Gloves

Should I Use Gym Gloves? The Debate Is Over

Should I Use Gym Gloves

Two million years ago the hands of cavemen were thick skinned and callused as a result of their daily activities.  It seems that ever since then, there’s been a debate as to whether or not to use gym gloves when training to avoid developing the same leathery mitts.  A team of Personal Trainers, professional athletes and bodybuilders, Exercise Physiologists and Sports Medicine professionals have finally put the debate to rest and answered the question “Should I use gym gloves?”

3 Reasons Why You Should Not Wear Gym Gloves

– The major argument is that using a gym glove or weight lifting glove reduces tactile sensation thus giving you a false sense of grip.  If you’ve ever seen what happens when you put tape on the paws of a dog you know what this means.

– Excess material from a glove or grip can impede movement causing poor form when performing a specific exercise.

– Avoiding the discomfort sometimes associated with an exercise can make a person almost dependent on a gym glove as a crutch.

If you’re still asking “should I use gym gloves,” then read on…

Reasons Why To Use Gym Gloves

Advantages Of Using A Gym Glove When Weight Training

–  Using a gym glove or weight lifting grip can actually help you to develop a stronger grip.  Some bodybuilders or athletes will train their grip strength by rolling a towel around the bar.  The wider the bar, the greater resistance against the muscles of your hand and forearm.  Workout gloves can have the same effect.

– Bulky old school bodybuilding and weight lifting gloves do indeed have excess material.

That’s why using a gym gloves alternative like GymPaws® Original Lifting Grips is a better option.  You benefit from the protection of a Leather workout glove, without all the excess bulk.  The 4 finger loops keep them in place so they actually FIT like a glove.

– Working out isn’t supposed to be painful.  Pain is our body’s alert system that something is wrong.  Torn up, bloody hands as a result of a hard  Crossfit WOD are not a badge of honor, they’re a sign of stupidity. Not to mention, no one wants to walk around with thick callused hands.

Exercise Physiologist Dr. John Burnside from explains: “Callosity is a medical condition resulting from excess pressure and friction against the skin. Any way to avoid this, including wearing gym gloves, is a positive thing. GymPaws® are a perfect solution.”

So Should I Use Gym Gloves?

The long and short of it is you really need to do what works for you.  Even the best gym gloves on the planet are not going to make you adhere to your workout routine, or lose weight, or gain muscle.  It’s more important to consult with your Personal Trainer to assess your form, than to worry about what color lifting grips you’re going to use!