Best Weight Lifting Gloves for Bodyweight Training

Best Weight Lifting Gloves for Bodyweight Training

Best Weight Lifting Gloves 2015VIDEO:  So last year one of the hottest fitness trends was Crossfit so it was no surprise that customers rated GymPaws as the #1 Crossfit Gloves.  A new survey out by The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) has found that Bodyweight Training is the top trend for 2015. So you’re going to need the best weight lifting gloves for bodyweight exercises and we think we have the answer!

Top Fitness Trends for 2015

1. Bodyweight Training – Bodyweight training has grown in popularity as gym enthusiasts realize that they don’t necessarily need to be pumping iron in the weight room to reap the rewards.  The old standby’s like push ups and pull ups have always been a great go to exercise!

2. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) – Has been at the top of our list for years.  Crossfit is actually a “brand name” type of HIIT workout.

3. Certified Fitness Professionals – When the recession hit the US ecomony in 2008 we saw lots of displaced professionals turning their passion for fitness into new careers.  According to the ACSM this trend is continuing!

4. Strength Training – Good ole pumping iron is still at the top of the list, although it’s down from the number 2 spot from 2012.  Weight Lifting continues to be one of the best ways to lose body fat, lose weight, and pack on lean muscle.  The best weight lifting gloves are always going to be a staple!

5. Personal Training – This is on the rise as well!  Rounding out the top 5 fitness trends for 2015 is something we’ve known all along!  Your workout is just that much better when you have an awesome personal trainer to guide you and motivate you to achieve your goals.

Best Weight Lifting Gloves for Bodyweight Training 

Whether you’re on the floor doing the Hip Dip Exercise like in this video, or doing other bodyweight work, you may not necessarily need a full workout glove.  However you still want to protect your hands from calluses and friction.  GymPaws Leather Lifting Grips are awesome because they are compact and don’t get in the way, while still protecting your hands.  The best part is that thanks to the 4 finger loops, they actually fit like a glove!