Red Gym Gloves by GymPaws

Red Gym Gloves – Redder Is Better

Red Gym Gloves by GymPawsRed gym gloves are a dime a dozen… so which are the best?  It depends what you’re going to be using them for!  Just because you’re going to use them at the gym doesn’t mean that every glove is suited for every activity or exercise.  Here’s what you need to know…

Red Gym Gloves

1. Leather is better.  Lot’s of weight lifting gloves and gloves for Crossfit are made from synthetic materials like rubber or micro fiber.  Leather is the most durable material you can buy for fitness and exercise accessories.  It’s long lasting and moisture resistant.

2. Lifting Grip Pads or  Half Finger Gloves.  Half finger gloves became popular with weight lifting and strength training, but sometimes they can be really cumbersome.  Most of them don’t allow for air to circulate properly so you hands tend to sweat more and the gloves can get smelly.

Lifting Grips are less intrusive for circuit style training like Crossfit and boot camp classes.  GymPaws® leather lifting grips are super popular for pull ups gloves, Crossfit, as well as weight lifting.  They have four finger loops on the Neoprene backing that make the grip fit like a glove, without the added material of a full glove.

Whether you’re buying your red gym gloves online or at a store, make sure you know what the return policy is.  While they may not be all that expensive, it’s a waste of money if you’re not going to use them.  GymPaws® offers 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  You can return them even if you try them out at the gym!  We know once you’ve used them you’ll fall in love!

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