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Best Gym Gloves Review – Why You Need Them

Gym Gloves Online - Whats The bestBest Gym Gloves Review:  You’re looking good.  You’ve been hittin’ the gym and puttin in the time.  If you’re ready to take your workout to the next level let’s consider some workout gear. There are a couple of things you will want to consider when you’re looking for some new gym gloves online.  What exercises you want to use them for, what materials they are made from, where they are made, and what benefits the different designs can offer are just a few.  So keep your heart rate up there and let’s burn some calories, and start learning!

Best Gym Gloves Review

1. What you’ll be using them for?  This seems like a no brainer, you’re using them for the gym.  Duh.  But it is a little more complicated than that.  If you’re doing bootcamp or circuit style training where you have little rest between exercises, you’ll want a gym glove that you can keep on throughout your entire workout.  If you’re big into weight lifting in the free weight room, you want to find a lifting grip that will protect against calluses and offer a secure grip.  If your workouts vary then you may want more of an all purpose glove.

2. What materials your gloves for gym are made from?  It’s important to read the find print.  The most durable products are made from real leather.  Specifically, cowhide leather will be the longest lasting.  Lots of inexpensive gloves look like leather but when you read the fine print you’ll see that they’re made from a micro-fiber leather like material.  You’re not “like” working out!  You want the real deal.  Other lifting grips and gym gloves are made from rubbery material.  These can work depending on the type or workout, but those with latex allergies want to be more cautious.

3. Where they are made?  Does it matter to you if your purchases are made in the USA?  If so, then pay attention to the country in which they were produced.  Lots of manufacturers save time and money by having their products made overseas using sub-par materials and labor.  Gloves for gym are something that you’re going to be using regularly.  You want the best quality.

4. What style is best?  All gym gloves are going to protect the palms of your hands from getting calluses.  This is accomplished simply by having a barrier between your skin and the weight.  Variations of this depend on use.  For example a half finger glove offers the most coverage and protection, but they can be a little bulky.  You also may not want to use them for every exercise in your workout.  A lifting grip eliminates the need for the excess material on the back of the hand, while still giving you protection in the palm.  If a lifting grip is going to be your choice, look for a gym glove that has finger loops so they stay in place.  Moisture resistant is also a great product feature to consider.  You sweat in the gym!  You don’t need your gloves absorbing all that mess!