Gym Gloves For Battle Ropes Workout

Gym Gloves For Battle Ropes Workout

Best Battle Ropes Gloves

Hands down the toughest training routines you're going to do in the gym or Crossfit box is a Battle Ropes workout.  While you busy yourself in the weight room sculpting your pecs, shoulders, arms, and back weightlifting, your gym buddies are doing the same thing with a battling ropes workout.  Watch this video demonstrating the best gym gloves for battle ropes workout as well as 12 exercises you can do without a Personal Trainers. 

Gym Gloves For Battle Ropes Workout

There are a couple of things that you need to look for when you're buying your new workout gloves online, especially if you intend to use them for more than just throwin the dumbbells around the weight room. 

  1. Material. Look for hand protection made from real leather.  Most grip pads available are made from spongy rubbery material which tears apart and doesnt allow your hands to rotate naturally with the weight or rope or bar.  Other hand pads for gym and most half finger gloves are made from synthetic faux leather materials or micro fibers.  Nothing is more durable than leather. 
  2. Design.  If you prefer traditional bodybuilding gloves with half fingers, make sure they have some sort of breathable mesh fabric so your hands don't get over heated and sweaty which causes you to lose grip. A compact design that protects your hands from calluses is ideal. 

Best Battle Ropes Workout

For a complete list of the 12 battling ropes exercises shown in this video you can check out our previous post 12 Battling Ropes Exercises.  If you are a beginner with the ropes, the two basic moves you need to learn are waves. 

This is where you're gym gloves for battle ropes will come in handy.  We recommend our GymPaws Original Leather Lifting Grips.  They have 4 finger loops on the moisture resistant Neoprene backing, which assures they stay in place and wick aways sweat.  The front has a slightly padded Genuine Leather Palm that enhances your grip while protecting against calluses. 

Alternating Waves both big and small are the two basic moves to learn with ropes.  By grabbing each end of the rope in either hand, you pull yourself back to a semi-squat position.  The movement consists of pumping your arms up and down in alternating rhythm as you create waves in the rope that move along the floor.

Don't be fooled into thinking that this is soley an arms or even upper body workout!  Most battle ropes exercises work your entire body including the core, hamstrings, glutes and quads.  So get in the gym and get ready to sweat… and be sure to get a pair of GymPaws® to Lift. Better.™

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