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Where Can I Buy A Tug Toner

Have you been looking to buy a Tug Toner on Amazon or eBay?  You probably saw the original YouTube video from Jimmy Kimmel Live a couple of years ago.  Someone even asked me if they could buy a Tug Toner at Walgreens. In 2015 we told you about this nifty little device that garnered one of the biggest laughs of any of our videos.  Does it really work?  Surprisingly it actually could be part of your workout routine.  Still asking “where can I buy a Tug Toner?” We gotcha covered.

Tug Toner Amazon

We hate to burst the bubble of so many interested gym rats and weightlifting fanatics, but sadly the Tug Toner is nothing more than a set prop used to create the fake commercial that originally aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live.  When you search online on Amazon or any other site, you’re likely to find the much more familiar Shake Weight.

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If you watch the Tug Toner commercial, you can’t help but laugh. But could something so ridiculous actually be real?  Would it work to build muscle?  The answer to both of those questions is yes, and here’s why.

Dynamic Resistance training is a real thing. When you’re at the gym or working out this technique refers to when the muscle contraction does not remain static.  The muscle is under constant tension.  Let’s say you were weight training with a dumbbell and the movement was a biceps exercise.  At some point through the range of motion either when the weight is up by your chin or hanging at your side, there is no tension being placed on the muscle.  If you were to attach a rubber band to each end of the weight from the ceiling and the floor, you would create constant tension, and therefore dynamic resistance training would occur.

We’re hoping that nothing from the world of exercise and fitness in created that resembles the Tug Toner as much as we ourselves asked “where can I buy a Tug Toner,” because it would be more ridiculous than the Shake Weight on Amazon.

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