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Best Gym Gloves for Grip – GymPaws®

Best Gym Gloves for GripIf you’re looking for the best gym gloves for grip then you may have already noticed a problem with your workouts!  If you don’t feel like you’re able to max out with your weight lifting or stay on the pull ups bar long enough, the first thing you think of is “I need some gym gloves.”  While you certainly will benefit from some hand protection, you first have to decide if your need more grip (a force) or more grip (traction.)

Best Gym Gloves for Grip

GymPaws® are the top rated lifting grip for a reason… they’re made from REAL LEATHER.  Leather is the most durable material you’ll find for workout equipment.  The gym shoes you’re wearing right now are likely made of leather.

The other reason everyone from CrossFit Athletes to Personal Trainers to bonefide GymRats like GymPaws® is because they have a minimal profile.  The fit right in the palm of your hands.  The best part is that the 4 Finger Loops keep them in place and make it feel like you’re wearing a pair of gloves!

So now that you understand why GymPaws® are the best gym gloves for grip, let’s actually explore your grip in more detail and see if we can’t help you out with your workouts!Buy the best gym gloves for grip

Grip Strength

35 muscles in the hand and arm are responsible for our grip strength.  Grip Strength is actually a unit of measure for the amount of force able to be exerted with use of these muscles.  Sometimes when you’re working out you may feel like your hands are about to snap right off your wrist.  If you’re hands poop out before you can complete your sets, how are you supposed to benefit from the exercise in the first place?

When people encounter this issue the first thing they think of is “I need some sort of gym glove or lifting grip that’s going to help me hold the weight better.”  While I’d love to tell you that GymPaws® are the be all end all solution to all your gym woes… that’s not the case.  You first need to strengthen up your grip strength my friend!

If you’re on a pull ups bar and your hands are cashed out, no grip is going to make those muscles endure more!  You need to focus on increasing the strength of your forearms and hand to increase the amount of force you’re able to produce with that hand squeeze!

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