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Best Workout Gloves 2014 and Weight Lifting Shoes

Best Weight Lifting Shoes 2014What do the Best Workout Gloves 2014 and the Best Weight Lifting Shoes 2014 have in common?  They’re both Leather!  That might seem like a no brainer, but when it comes to workout gloves you get what you pair for and most of ’em are made from cheap “leather like” materials or even worse… rubber or fabric!

Weight Lifting isn’t an expensive sport or hobby.  Aside from your gym membership costs there’s not a lot of extra fitness accessories that you’d need.  Those things you do need like workout gloves or lifting straps aren’t that expensive.  When you think about it the most costly weight lifting equipment you’re going to probably ever have to buy is a pair of shoes!

Best Weight Lifting Shoes 2014

They offer Stability.  You definitely don’t want a pair of running shoes because they’re made with additional cushioning.  For lifting you need something that is not as easily compressible and you definitely want them to be leather.  Having a good pair of sneaks gives you better traction and added stability – especially when you’re doing heavy lifting movements like deadlifts or squats.

More Power.  You don’t think of your shoes as adding strength to your lift, but they definitely do!  A good pair of shoes allows your heels and feet to sense pressure better which in turn fires up your legs more.

Improved technique.  Just like good posture or maintaining a tight core when lifting, your shoes can help you improve your technique as well.  Just like the best workout gloves 2014 can help improve your grip!

Better safety.  Any personal trainer will tell you that better stability and technique will equal better safety.

Best Workout Gloves 2014Best Weight LIfting Shoes 2014

Natural Hand Rotation.  You don’t want a workout glove made from rubber.  Spongy leather lifting grips stick to the bar.  If you’ve used them before you know how quickly they shred apart for this reason.   Your hands should naturally rotate around the bar.

Better technique.  Especially if you’re into pull ups or crossfit workouts, a pair of leather lifting grips like gympaws will allow for that natural hand rotation which in turn allows for better technique.

Moisture Resistant.  We’ve all had a pair of workout gloves that smelled worse than the urinal in the lockerroom!  That’s because most cheap workout gloves are not washable.  When you sweat, they absorb all the moisure and soon reak to high heaven.   All GymPaws Leather Lifting Grips and Workout Gloves are made from machine washable and dry-able leather.  You can toss em in the wash right with your gym clothes!