4 Good Fitness Gift Ideas

What Is A Good Fitness Gift Idea For Someone Who Goes To Gym

What is a good fitness gift idea for someone who goes to the gym? The answer definitely isn't gym shoes or workout clothing.  While it might seem easy to just pick up a pair of Fabletics yoga pants for the ladies or some Adidas gym shorts for the guys, it's not quite that simple.  I may wear a size medium pair of shorts for running around during the day, but I'd wear a size large gym shorts because I like having some extra room for movement when I'm doing my Crossfit WOD or weight lifting routine.  As far as shoes go, I really don't know anyone who would gift a pair of shoes to another person.  So what's left?  We have a cool review video from one of our Certified Personal Trainers. 

What Is A Good Fitness Gift Idea For Someone Who Goes To The Gym?

Best Gym Gloves 2017

Gym gloves might seem like a great fitness gift idea as well, but be careful when you're buying online. Also take into consideration that it is a very personal preference when it comes to workout gloves and weight lifting grips.  For example if someone is into Crossfit workouts they know that within a few minutes of pull ups or knees to elbows that you will be dripping in sweat.  There's nothing more gross than having all that sweat drip down your arms into your gloves.  That's why people like GymPaws® Original Leather Gym Grips, because they offer the hand protection of a full half finger glove without all the excess material and padding that traps air and moisture. 

If the person on your shopping list is into a traditional gym workout like weightlifting or weight training, then sweaty hands may not be that big of a deal. However, getting the right kind of glove is still something you have to think about. Most bodybuilding gloves are big and thick and inhibit movement.  Worse yet are grip pads that are made of rubbery materials that "stick" to the bar or weights which can alter the natural hand rotation needed to execute and exercise properly.  Again, because GymPaws are made from durable leather, they allow your hands to rotate naturally while still offering protection from callus causing friction. The four finger loops keep the grips in place even through the toughest workouts. 

Personal Trainer Fitness Gift Ideas

Still asking what is a good fitness gift idea for someone who goes to the gym? Or what about putting together a Personal Trainer Gift Basket?   Check out our full line of exercise and fitness equipment directly on Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/shops/gympaws or you can browse through our website and use your Amazon account to checkout or Paypal or a major credit card.  We always offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all products so you never have to worry if someone doesn't like their gift!