Best Selling Gym Gloves on Amazon

Schlockmeister Gym Gear Manufacturers on Amazon

Best Selling Gym Gloves on (Seattle, WA) – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Black Friday saw record retail sales online, and the Exercise and Fitness industry was no exception.  The problem however, is among the millions of retailers on Amazon, very few are actually verified.  Schlockmeister gym gear manufacturers on Amazon are a dime a dozen.  Here's how to weed out the phony from the phenomenal. 

Schlockmeister Gym Gear Manufacturers on Amazon

What does schlockmeister mean?  It's a slang word (noun) to describe someone who produces cheap or trashy products.  When it comes to a lot of the weightlifting and workout gear or clothes on Amazon this is a word to best describe most of the manufacturers.  Especially as it relates to gym gloves. 

This is how it works:

No name companies and factories usually located in high production / low quality countries like China or India study the buying habits of mostly Americans on Amazon.  They see which categories have the most traffic.  Then they have their counterparts located in the US purchase the legitimate products, and copy them with cheaper materials. The Exercise & Fitness category on Amazon is one of the most polluted and yes that includes workout grips and gym gloves

Once the manufactures have a product, they create new seller accounts on Amazon using a fictitious brand name that sounds American, like Muscle Motion or Nordic.  They then recruit "phone banks" of people in another part of the world to write fake reviews on the products.  Amazon does have sophisticated software to identify uses, however they work around this by using virtual IP addresses. 

The end result of these Schlockmeister Gym Gear Manufacturers on Amazon is that the customer ends up getting an inferior product. When it comes to gym gloves, you really do get what you pay for!  As you read the reviews, look for those that mention specific exercises that the customer uses them for. Another way to easily sort out the imposters is to simply look for proper grammar.  For most of these sellers English is not their native language and it's pretty easy to spot. 

Lastly, check out the reviews on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook.  

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