Weight Lifting Gloves Review

Weight Lifting Gloves Review

Weight Lifting Gloves ReviewWeight Lifting Gloves Review – First of all we can’t say this is a completely unbiased review.  It is afterall on the GymPaws Fitness Blog.  We can however give you some information to help you decide what are the best mens weight lifting gloves and which one’s you should probably steer clear of.  When you go shopping for gym shoes you likely either stick with a brand you’ve already vetted and have grown to love, or you try out something new.  When you do go shopping for new gym shoes you don’t just pick out any old pair.  Most people start trying on pairs based on what they plan on using them for.  Your process of finding the best weight lifting gloves should be no different.

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The GymRat by GymPaws®


You don’t need a “high performance” glove for the weight room.  Some guys and girls still even use old fashion chalk or hand taping for weight training.  If your main use for them is lifting then you really just need something that’s going to help you keep a solid grip on the weight without being too bulky and restrictive.  We all know that gym gloves can get stanky pretty easily!  Look for a glove that’s constructed of leather and a breathable mesh fabric.

Best Weight Lifting Gloves Review

1.The Harbinger 143 Men’s Pro FlexClosure Gloves are a good example.  They get the job done with minimal bulk or excess material. You can get them on Amazon or your local sporting goods store.  In comparison, GymPaws’ first generation half finger workout glove The GymRat are also constructed of Ventilator Mesh Fabric and Leather.  The difference is that they are Made in USA (versus China) and the actual quality of leather used is far superior. They’re also available on Amazon or you can buy them right here and check out with your Amazon account.  The Harbinger gloves are washable but need to air dry.  The GymRat is machine washable and dry-able.

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When you’re doing bootcamp or interval training you need to put a little more thought into what type of hand protection you want.  The best men’s weight lifting gloves might not be the best answer for this type of workout.   Because you’re moving from exercise to exercise with little rest time, you need a glove or grip that’s not going to interfere with movement or at least be easy to take on and off – which most gloves aren’t.  The original GymPaws Leather Lifting Grips are ideal for this kind of high performance training.

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GymPaws Leather Weight Lifting Grips

1. The minimal design allows for natural hand rotation and non restricted movement while still protecting your hands from friction.  They’re also moisture resistant and machine wash and dry and made from 100% Genuine Leather with a 4 Finger Loop Neoprene Backing.

2. Another popular option are the Grip Power Pads.  They’re made from spongy rubber material which offers additional padding between your hands and the bar you lifting.  The only disadvantage is that they don’t fit on your hand so you’re constantly having to pull them in and out of your pockets.  You may also find that because the rubber sticks to the bar, you’re hands can’t naturally rotate which causes them to shred apart pretty easily.  Luckily they’re super cheap and sold in bulk quanities.