GymPaws are #1 Amazon Best Seller - Workout Gloves

Best Selling Gym Gloves on Amazon

Best Selling Gym Gloves AmazonThere’s tons of places to buy gym gloves online and Amazon is one of the most popular for fitness fanatics! GymPaws® are the best selling gym gloves for a couple of reasons. Think about it.  What is the most durable article of clothing that you wear?  It’s your shoes!  And what are those made from?  Leather! The Best Workout Gloves are the ones you’re going to use.  That sounds silly to say, but it’s true.  No workout glove – regardless of if they are on Amazon Best Sellers list is going to give you bigger biceps or help you bust out more pull ups in your #wod.  You gotta use em, and you gotta go to the gym!

Best Selling Gym Gloves on Amazon

  • It’s a quality product.  I’ve been working out my entire adult life, and I’m a creature of habit.  I wear the same workout clothes, I wear the same workout shoes and I go to the same gym.  I workout HARD and I expect the things I buy – to last!So why is it that GymPaws® which didn’t even exist two year ago, finds itself as #1 Top Rated Workout Glove on Amazon?  Well there’s two reasons really.

GymPaws® was created because I was simply sick and tired of having to buy a new pair of workout gloves or lifting grips every month!  The spongy power pads or whatever they’re called, seem like a nice idea.  I’ve tried em.  They start ripping apart after a few workouts.  Not to mention there’s no way to keep them on your hands. GymPaws are #1 Amazon Best Seller - Workout Gloves

Then there’s the cheap fabric grip pads.   Fabric does not grip, nor does it protect against anything!  I actually just used my sweat towel instead of these things.  They’re made of Neoprene – which is a great material, but that’s ALL they’re made of!  Not to mention they only have 2 or 3 finger loops!

What’s up with that!  Last time I counted I had 4 fingers on each hand… and all of em lift as much frickin weight as they possibly can! Leather is better.  That’s why Gym Paws have a Leather palm.  My shoes last a long time, and I wanted my Lifting Grips or Workout Gloves to last just as long!

  • Fitness Fans! The second reason why you see Gym Paws as #1 Amazon Best Seller is because of the customers.  I even call them fans.  People are happy to have a product that is worth the money they pay for it, and is the highest quality.  GymPaws isn’t the 8th wonder of the world – there’s really nothing amazing about them.  They are a simple product that fills a simple need.  You can get a better grip, you can better workout, and you can go home pumped and confident you got a great working in for the day!