best crossfit gloves

Best Crossfit Gloves

best crossfit gloves, mens crossfit gloves, womens crossfit glovesIf you know what #wod means then you’re likely a fan of CrossFit workouts.  #wod is a popular hashtag referring to a “workout of the day.”  As this bootcamp style of workout becomes more popular, GymPaws leather workout grips have been called “the best crossfit glove” of choice by box owners and athletes alike!

But what makes this crossfit glove better than the rest?  Well the second you open your first pair of GymPaws you’ll see the difference before you even feel it!  Their design is brilliant in it’s simplicity!  Made from genuine lmmeather and Neoprene material these lifting grips give you exactly the protection you need to protect your hands from calluses that weight lifting or body weight exercises can cause like pull ups, kettlebells, clean and jerks!

First of all, the best crossfit glove is the one you’re actually going to use!  If you’re just looking to spend some money on another fitness accessory that sits in your closet – go ahead and buy anything you want cuz it really doesn’t matter.

If you’re reading this right now you probably Google’d “best crossfit gloves” and GymPaws popped up in the search results.  Take a few minutes to look at the other weight lifting grips on the market to compare.

The reason customer say GymPaws are the best crossfit gloves is because they are the only gym glove of its kind that is actually made of leather.  Leather is better! Who wants a grip pad that is made of flimsy fabric material?  You might as well just wrap a t shirt around your hands and jump up to that pull up bar, because you’re not going to get much more protection.  The leather palm of GymPaws workout gloves will last even through the toughest #wod.  They also offer you the maximum protection with the most minimal amount of bulk.

The other material that GymPaws are made of is Neoprene, and this is yet another reason why they’re the best crossfit gloves.  Neoprene is the same material that scuba diving gear is made of.  Why would this matter to you?  Well if you truly are a crossfit fan then you know that you do not leave the box dry.  You’re wet and you’re sweaty.  The Neoprene material assures that moisture is wicked away from your hands.  Another advantage is that no sweaty build up means no smelly gloves to have lying around.

best crossfit gloves