What Does Swole Mate Mean

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What Does Swole Mean

Are you feeling #swole today? I’m not sure that I’ve actually heard someone say that in person, but I’ve definitely seen enough post on Twitter, Facebook Instagram and YouTube with the now infamous hashtag swole.  If you’re not feeling as pumped as you could be then maybe it’s time for ya to buy Swolemate Weight Lifting Gloves! If not, at least you can spend some time checkin out these #fitspiration pics!

What's The Definition of Swole

Definition of Swole

The definition of swole is a bit ambiguous because it’s really a slang word.  It’s a shortened version of swollen and it refers to the pump you experience when you work a specific muscle group weight training. Although it’s temporary due to blood and nutrients being transported to the working muscle, you will notice it becoming a bit swollen.  Hence the the definition of swole.  But you’re not quite ready to buy swolemate weight lifting gloves just yet…

What Does Swole Mate Mean

What Does Swole Mate Mean?

Think of the word soulmate when you’re wondering what does swole mean.  Basically a swolemate is a gym workout buddy or weight lifting partner.  He or she is the one you get #swole with in the gym!

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