Crossfit Hand Protection

Why Hand Protection For Crossfit Is Important

Crossfit Hand ProtectionWeight lifting, pull ups, rowing, biking, bootcamp, battling ropes and CrossFit are just a few of the things that fans of GymPaws® Lifting grips may use them for.  While guys and girls alike have been using weight lifting gloves in the gym for decades, the recent popularity of CrossFit has fueled the growth of the workout gear industry in general.  Why hand protection for Crossfit is important is determined somewhat by you’re level of fitness and the intensity at which you work out. 

Crossfit Hand Protection

Hand Taping

This really isn’t as popular as people seem to think it is.  It’s one of those things that someone will say they do (but never actually do).  Crossfit instructors and coaches and true competitive athletes may use hand taping, but that average fan likely doesn’t have the skill do it properly.

Gym Gloves or Workout Gloves

Standard gym gloves are a common choice for CrossFit gloves simply because most people aready have them for their gym workouts.  The only problem is that these gloves weren’t designed for super sweaty, high intensity circuit training like Crossfit.  They’re often too hot and bulky and they are difficult to take on and off in between circuits or exercises.

A reason why hand protection for crossfit is important is for the prevention of callouses.  While some meatheads may have you believe that they thick dry patches of skin are a sign of virility or signify a certain level of fitness… they could not be more wrong.  Callosity is actually a medical condition and it occurs due to excess friction and pressure against the skin.

Lifting Grips

GymPaws® are the only leather lifting grips and they’re the most highly rated for both weight lifting and crossfit.  They are designed to fit right in the palm of your hands where you need protection against callus causing friction.

Unlike other lifting grips, GymPaws have 4 finger loops which mean they stay in place AND they actually fit like a glove!

Even if you don’t come to realize why hand protection for Crossfit is important, at least give it a try.  You’ll be surprised that the reduced pressure and friction against your hands will not only improve your grip, but it will ease hand fatigue… both of which allow you to get more out of your workout!