Best Weight Lifting Gloves For Pull Ups

Best Weight Lifting Gloves For Pull Ups

Best Weight Lifting Gloves for Pull Ups

VIDEO DEMO: We’re a big fan of Pull Ups.  There are few other compound movements that rival the good ‘ole pull up when it comes to developing the upper body.  Not only does it work the muscles of the back and biceps, but they hit the rear delts, chest and core muscle groups as well.  If you’ve ever done even one set of properly executed pull ups, then you know they they are not a friend to your hands.  If you’re looking for the Best Weight Lifting Gloves For Pull Ups here 3 tips to keep in mind.

Best Weight Lifting Gloves For Pull Ups

Tip 1:  If you read no further than this tip, you’ll have gleaned the most important information already!  When you’re doing pullups, your hands will naturally rotate around the bar.  Think of a gymnast who’s throwing themselves around the uneven bars or mastering a performance on the rings.  Their hands are constantly rotating around the bar, NOT sticking to it!

What Are The Best Weight Lifting Gloves For Pull Ups

If for no other reason than this, you should be avoiding grips pads and gloves that are made from spongy or rubbery materials.  There is no such thing as a “newgrip” when it comes to weight lifting gloves for pull ups. Gymnasts prefer hand taping or chalk for their training for a reason, because they allow for natural hand rotation around the bar.

Look for a pair of Genuine Leather Gloves or grips.  They will not restrict movement or make your hands stick to the bar which allows you to execute and pullups variation properly.

Tip 2:  If you’re deciding on which gloves to buy think of what else you’re going to be using them for because this makes a difference!

You likely aren’t heading to the gym to spend an hour doing only pullups.  You’re bouncing on the cardio machines, running the track, doing bodyweight exercises and pumping iron in the weight room.

If you can’t use your new grips for everything else you do in the gym then they’re not very versatile.  Look for a glove that gives you finger dexterity by either only having a half finger length or no finger. Trying to use a fingerless pad or grip is only going to get annoying, and it’s just not efficient.

Tip 3:  Now this may seem silly because it’s not a tip about hand protection but rather a tip about proper form for pull ups. Too many people in the gym or Crossfit box THINK they know how to do a pull up properly. Afterall, it’s just grabbing a pull ups bar and yanking yourself up to it right? Wrong!

If your personal trainer were to tell you to go up to the weight room and do a compound movement super set using as much weight as YOU WEIGH you wouldn’t just rush up to it and start flayling weights around willy nilly,  Yet for some reason, people seem to think because they know the physics of how a pull up is done, they know how to do one properly.  As the video above shows you, training for pull ups takes more effort and strategy than just trying to do one!