Crossfit Glove Review Video

Crossfit Glove Review Video

Unlike most of the no name rip off exercise and fitness manufacturers on popular shopping sites like Amazon, GymPaws® Inc is owned and operated by Certified Personal Trainers and Exercise Professionals.  You'll find tons of customer reviews and posts on the social media platforms, and here we have an awesome Crossfit Glove Review video that was shared with us by a diehard fan.  Check it out. 

Crossfit Glove Review Video

All the way from the Netherlands, our #fitspo #instagirl @robinsinay is showing us how she uses GymPaws leather lifting grips as her favorite Crossfit Gloves for doing Push Presses, Clean and Jerks, and Deadlifts.

The reason that tens of thousands of athletes around the world have chosen GymPaws® as their favorite hand protection is pretty clear.  The slightly padded ergonomically designed palm is 100% cowhide leather.  It is by far the most durable material and offers the best Crossfit hand protection.  Steer clear from other products that use faux leather materials or micro fiber.  They won't last much longer than a piece of paper towel.  Even worse are the rubbery grip pads.  Not only do they make your heavy lifts more unstable because they don't stay in place, they shred apart and you'll be tossing them in the trash…. if you don't lose them first!  

Crossfit Glove Review Video

Our original GymPaws® weightlifting grips have four finger loops on the back.  The elasticity of the industrial grade Neoprene stretches to fit larger fingers, and the fabric blend itself wicks away sweat.  The best part is that they actually fit like a glove!  There's not a ton of Crossfit Glove Review Video s to check out online which is why we love when our customers share them with us. 

Best Crossfit Gloves For Men or Women

Which leaves me to one last thing; when you're looking to buy workout gloves or any exercise and fitness product online, pay attention to the reviews.  It almost doesn't matter if it's a one star or five star review (on Amazon for example) because most of them aren't very helpful. To weed out the legit reviews, look for those that mention specific exercises that the customer has used them for.  For example Crossfit Knees To Elbows, Deadlifts, PullUps etc., Those comments that say "oh I liked the color" or "my boyfriend loved these" are great to hear as the seller, but they don't offer very specific information for fitness enthusiasts looking to make a great purchase!

Our full like of fitness products is available on Amazon here or of course you can buy GymPaws® right here on the website and use Amazon to checkout, or Paypal or any major credit card.