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Allison Stokke- Champion Pole Vaulter – GymPaws™ Fit Girls


Allison Stokke is a champion pole-vaulter and one of the hottest female athletes. She’s not that well known yet but her girl next door looks and fit, yet not over trained physique, are getting attention!

This 24 year Track and Field phenom that hit a height of exposure back in 2007 when an innocent pic of her at a track meet was discovered online.  It’s not much of a stretch to understand why she quickly became an internet darling, however we’d be remised to mention her athletic abilities and accomplishments.

Born in 1989 in Newport Beach, California Allison Stokke excelled in her chosen sport of Pole Vaulting both at the high school level as well at the college level with the University of California Berkley (Cal Bears).

To be a competitive Pole Vaulting athlete requires specific athletic training to master a combination of explosive speed and superior upper and lower body strength.  What would a possible pole vaulting working look like?

A pole vaulting workout would likely include exercises such as barbell or kettlebell squats, military press or other shoulder exercises, sprints and maybe even pull ups. Since we’re a fan of pull ups here at GymPaws™ we’re going to review a couple great exercises you can do on a pull up bar.

Of course to start you’ll want to have a good pair of workout gloves for pull ups so that you don’t tear up your hands or lose your grip.  These exercises are already going to test your grip strength, you’re going to need all the help you can get!

For a standard pull up you generally aren’t going to be swinging or using body momentum.  This is also referred to as a dead lift pull up for the same reason. Pull ups will be targeting your hands (grip strength) forearms, biceps, shoulders and back muscles.

Grip position for pull ups:

Over handed pull ups are generally preferred when working the back muscles verses an under handed grip.  The reasoning for this is it called into play more of your lats versus and underhanded grip where your biceps are taking a bit more of the load.  Pay attention to your elbow positioning with each grip type.

Grab your workout gloves for pull ups, get your eye focused on the bar and get ready to go!  Focus on keeping your abs (core) muscles tight, and complete the movement in a slow steady motion if you’re just beginning.  You’re not going for a mass amount at this point but rather good form.