Roxy Louw

roxy-louw-gympaws-crossfit-glovesIt isn’t hard to see why Roxy Louw would be one of our picks for GymPaws™ Fit Girls.  This South African born beauty just celebrated a birthday last month (she’s 26 years old as if anyone cares).  This blonde bombshell has graced the covers of Sports Illustrated swimwear edition and is a regular pick for brands endorsements.  She’s a bonefide athlete as a very skilled surfer.  She spends the majority of her time hanging ten and soaking up the sun!

Roxy Louw is our pick for GymPaws Fit Girls of the week because she proves that you don’t have to be a gymrat committed to hour long workouts to be ripped.  Her definition is sculpted in the ocean, not the weightroom.

Building a surfer’s body isn’t easy tho.  While we love your muscle heads who strap on your workout gloves and pound the lead in the gym, it’s athetes like surfers that could really teach us all a thing or two.

So what does it take to get a surfers body?  Core strength is paramount.  When it comes down to it, most athletes know that everything requiring power and stability stems from your core.

Building solid core muscles also requires more than just doing endless sit ups or crunches.  Try mixing it up every so often and try something like the medicine ball ab workout.

We can also learn from surfers just by observing.  Have you ever seen a surfer that’s at peak conditioning who’s not incredibly lean?  Intervals of high intensity aerobic training or HIIT (high intensity interval training) is one of the reasons why.  Short bursts of energy to perform demanding moves is what helps keep their bodies as lean mean surfing machines!

If you’re not a water baby and tend to be more of a land dweller you can still get that chisled body at the gym or wherever you choose to workout.

Strap on a pair of workout gloves, and hit your local crossfit box and you’ll be sure to sweat like the pros!  Or what about visiting your local personal training studio for a mid week pump?  Think of exercises outside the box that are more compound exercises that call into action many muscle groups.

Have you ever wondered why some guys can bench so much weight?  Think about it… the weight bench never moves.  This solid stable surface helps to counter act the momentum of the weight.  Put the same guys in an exercise where they don’t have a slab of concrete behind them and they’d be hard pressed to push that much weight – workout gloves or not!