sexy crossfit girls, womens crossfit gloves

Hottest Crossfit Girls

hot crossfit girls, womens crossfit glovesYou don’t have to have a perfect body to be a GymPaws Fit Girl.  Girls that workout are sexy not because they’re striving for some perfect ideal, but because they care about themselves.  Let’s be honest, if you’re a guy that’s into crossfit or weightlifting or working out, you’re probably attracted to girls that have similar interests.  So what about the hottest crossfit girls exactly that makes them easy on the eyes?

hot crossfit girls, womens crossfit gloves

Hot Crossfit Girls have coordination.  Athleticism is impressive.  If she can do a clean and jerk she means business!  You’re not gonna mess with her.

crossfit girls are hot, womens crossfit gloves

Crossfit girls are hot because let’s face it… they could kick your ass!

crossfit hot girls, womens crossfit gloves

Something about working the smith machine makes crossfit hot girls even nicer to look at.

sexy crossfit girls, womens crossfit gloves

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