leryn franco - workout gloves - kettlebell swing

Leryn Franco | Kettlebell Swings and Javelin Athletes

leryn franco - workout gloves - kettlebell swingLeryn Franco is just about as hot as they come!  Born Leryn Dahiana Frano Steneri March 1982 in Paraguay this sizzling Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue model isn’t just a pretty face.  And while we’d love to see her sporting a pair of GymPaws™ workout gloves – we don’t mind just appreciating her for her uncanny combo of beauty and athletic ability!

She’s a world class athlete who broke national records when she was 17 years old for both the javelin and triple jump!  Leyrn Franco has competed at the Athen’s Olympics, 2008 Beijing Olympics and Pan-American Games in Rio de Janeiro. Leyrn’s personal best throw is 57.77 metres!  Not to trump her considerable accomplishments as a female athlete, but we’d be remised to mention that she has also held her own as first runner up in the Miss Paraguay competition as well as Miss Bikini Universe pageant!

So how does and athlete train for a sport like the javelin throw?  Well like most sport specific training, a workout would definitely include some solid core stability training including a lot of medicine ball work.   In addition to core strength upper body strength needs to be developed as well.  This is where we imagine a good pair of workout gloves would come in handy!

A popular exercise for javelin throwers training to compete would likely include kettlebells believe it or not!  Kettlebells are a training tool that help teach throwers explosion, flexibility, balance, hip drive and coordination.

Proper form for kettlebell swing.

Proper form for kettlebell swing.

If you’re new to kettlebells you may want to start with a simple kettlebell swing!  It doesn’t matter what you level of fitness is the kettlebell swing is a basic kettlebell move that should be mastered before you try anything else.


  1. Make sure you have your workout gloves on.  Begin with both hands on one kettlebell that is on the ground between your legs – which are about shoulder width apart.
  2. Your back should be relatively straight and your abs flexed to brace the back.
  3. With some oomph move to a standing position and “snap” your hips forward.  The focus on NOT on swinging the kettlebell, but on the upright / snap motion.  If don’t properly, the momentum should naturally cause you to want to swing the kettlebell out in front of you.
  4. The kettlebell is moved with the power generated from the legs and lower body, not the arms.

Javelin athletes like Leryn Franco may progress from the Kettlebell swing into more advanced moves like the kettlebell snatch, the clean and clean press or kettlebell sumo deadlift.