ZuzkaLight – America’s Newest Fitness Celeb & GymPaws™ Fit Girl of the Week!

zuzkalight, zcut reviews-zuzka light, zgym reviews, best crossfit glovesWhat has blonde hair, a knock out body and could kick your butt from coast to coast? Zuzka Light of course…and she’s our pick this week for GymPaws™ Fit Girls! If you don’t know #zuzkalight then you may have been living under a rock the past year, because she’s been single-handedly taking the Fitness industry by storm!

Who Is Zuzka Light?
Millions of fans worldwide came to know her thru the hugely popular Canadian website Bodyrock TV where she was co-founder and the face of the website. In January of this year she released her first solo Fitness Workout DVD which debuted as Amazon’s Best Selling Workout DVD. That same month Zuzka launched her signature website aptly named ZuzkaLight.com. Within a few short months she released two more knock out Fitness DVD’s ZCUT Power Cardio and ZCUT Power Strength. Within the past month Zuzka celebrated the release of her newly redesigned website and Online Fitness Club ZGYM as well as celebrated hitting 20 million YouTube views!

So what makes ZuzkaLight stand out from the sea of online fitness personalities? You can tell from her already-infamous ZWOW workouts. We’re not gonna say that she makes working out easy, because her workouts WILL have you sweating your buns off (literally), but she does make working out fun! Her workouts definitely follow a HIIT or high intensity interval training style.

What is HIIT? For a more detailed explanation you can check out one of our previous articles here “What is High Intensity Interval Training“.  In a nutshell tho it basically refers to any workout that requires short bursts of high intensity effort with little rest in between sets.  Your CrossFit workouts or bootcamp workouts can usually be defined by this type of training as well.   High intensity interval training is one of the best ways to burn fat and get that lean sexy body that most strive for in the gym.

Another reason why we think ZuzkaLight is a great pick for GymPaws Fit Girls is because she’s not a pre-recorded and edited fitness celebrity.  She actually works out during filming! (gasp)  It’s true!  Why should you care about that?  Well regardless of who you’re training with, if you’re following their instruction properly you’ll likely get a great workout.  However because we see ZuzkaLight sweating and panting away during the workouts it makes you feel like you have a workout buddy that’s encouraging you rather than a personal training who’s busting your butt!  Trust… that makes a difference!