Hot Crossfit Gym Girls Workout

Hot Crossfit Gym Girls And The Workout They Do

#girlswholift have been giving the guys a run for their money for longer than we know.  However it seems only recently that Instagram has been bringing them to our attention!  Hot crossfit girls and the workout they do isn’t just about looking at some incredible fit and athletic pics in our feeds, it’s a sense of empowerment and motivation.

Hot Crossfit Gym Girls and The Workout They Do

Crossfit was for sure the number one go to workout for a couple of years.  HIIT ( high intensity interval training) is a great way to strip off excess bodyfat and build muscle during one sweat drenching muscle aching session at the Crossfit box.

Hot Crossfit Girls Pics

Girls who go to the gym and spend an hour skipping away on the cardio machines have it all wrong.  Those 300 calories you may burn during your hour on the treadmill will never beat the benefits gained from weightlifting at the gym on a regular basis.

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Workout gloves are an essential part of the equation.  Will they magically make you lose weight or pack on the muscle?  Of course not.  But gym gloves do improve your technique, reduce hand fatigue, and help you avoid building up friction causing calluses.

Hot Crossfit Girls Pics

All of these hot crossfit gym girls clearly have a couple of things in common.  The workout they do is a lifestyle choice, and something they dedicate themselves to on a regular basis.  Aside from the cute gym clothes or workout gloves, they have the right mindset when they’re weightlifting and they know that it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

There is nothing wrong with checking out pics of those #instafit girls to inspire you, but it is important to aspire to reaching your own exercise and fitness goals and not just trying to emulate some creatively shot and filtered pics you see online.

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