Hot Crossfit Girls Workout – #fitspo

From it’s meteoric rise since it began in 2000, Crossfit is still go to exercise program for millions. Hot Crossfit Girls workout no differently than the guys. At competition level these gym junkies are true athletes to be sure.

Gloves for Crossfit Kettlebell Workout

When our original GymPaws leather fingerless workout gloves were launched, it was the Crossfit community that made them the best selling exercise glove on Amazon at the time.

Hot Crossfit Girls Kettlebell Workout

Kettlebells are an amazing piece of equipment regardless of your routine. The reason they were adopted into Crossfit WODs is because you can get both cardio and strength training benefits from these weird little objects.

Hot Girls Biceps Workout For Shredz

A hot girls crossfit workout is almost always going to train the biceps. Unless you’re doing isolated lower body exercises the muscles of the upper body are engaging to help you complete your exercise.

Because we use only genuine cowhide leather for GymPaws, they allow for natural hand rotation. Synthetic or rubbery surfaces that “grip” metal inhibit your natural grip and hand rotation and can lead to serious injury.  If you want a Crossfit or workout glove because you are struggling to hold onto the weight, adjust expectations a bit.

Increase Grip Strength To Maximize Any Exercise

The number one top issue with newbies to high intensity interval training (HIIT) routines or the gym in general,  is weak grip strength and weights that are too heavy. As you can see above, hot Crossfit girls abs workout even when training core muscle groups, grip strength is imperative.

Gym hand protection or gloves for Crossfit workout are meant to enhance your performance, not to do the work for you.  GymPaws ease hand fatigue, protect against friction causing calluses and increase confidence in your lifts.  Because they are moisture resistant people with sweaty hands find them irresistible.