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Fitness Over 40 – It’s a Psychological Game

fitness over 40, crossfit gloves, gym paws, progrips, grip pads, big back power padsYou don’t have a choice in the matter, the cold hard truth is that sooner or later we’re all going to hit it… the big 40!  Something magically happens with the infamous birthday – but it’s not a massive biological or physical change – it’s a psychological game really.  Fitness over 40 isn’t all that much different than “fitness under 40” to be honest.  Listening to your body and understanding how it responds to exercise and lifestyle decisions is something you should be practicing at any age.  A cohesive mind/body connection is a crucial component to have with any workout routine.

Don’t use your age as an excuse for any reason!  At 23 your body may still be a fat burning machine.  You may think you can eat what you want, workout if you want, and sleep when you want and you’ll still wake up feeling great and jumpin into those skinny jeans with ease.  If you don’t change your unhealthy lifestyle habits you’ll be faced with a new reality when you hit 33, 43, 53 or any age.  The fact of the matter is that the body is constantly changing and evolving.  As time goes on, the body does indeed lose it’s efficiency in repairing itself.  It’s an unfortunate fact of life.  There is no rule book for fitness and age or fitness and ability for that matter.  You shouldn’t be comparing yourself to other people – you should be comparing yourself to YOU.

Fitness Over 40 – Focus

When we’re 20 something, it’s all about working out to look good at the beach or club.  We’re hard wired as humans to attract a mate and the 20’s are prime time!  Your focus is likely about physical appearance.  As we get older however, we’re more concerned about health issues and as our focus changes,  so too should our workouts.  Regardless of what your motivation is, listening to you body is key.  My personal trainer friend likes to say “if it hurts don’t do it.”  This is kinda silly really because you need to know why it hurts and what makes it hurt.  You need to know your body and make educated decisions!  Whether you’re a 20 year old young buck or a 40 year old stud isn’t the point – what you’re doing with what ya got is!  It’s all about keeping goals and maintaining your focus.  So what’s exactly happening to your body that Fitness Over 40 is something you’re interested in reading about?  Read on my friend…  Fitness Over 40 – The Best Part Of The Hill!