Hot V Shaped Abs – Two Ab Exercises To Sculpt Your Sexy

One of the most desired body parts that both men and women strive for, are sexy abs.  Guys can develop v shaped abs which may also be known as Adonis Abs, Money Maker, or V to the P.  The cold hard truth is that even if you have the best fitness workout routine, cleanest diet and model perfect body fat, you may never see them on yourself. If you are anatomically blessed and can see them developing, these two ab exercises can help you make them pop.

V shaped abs on guys (less commonly girls) refers to the cut in the lower abdominal region.  Originating at either side of the obliques these funnels angle down and come to a point right at the top of the groin.

Not everyone is anatomically predisposed to seeing this cut.  Those of you are will need to have a sufficiently low enough body fat percentage to allow them to pop.  Like all the abdominal muscles, they are flat and broad.  Your workout can help strengthen these muscles, thus adding girth and more definition.  Here are two of the best ab exercises for getting that cut.

Oblique Twist Exercise

This is a great exercise because it focuses on the obliques.  Oblique twists also work the lower and upper abs.  Lie on your back with your calves up on a bench so you’re forming a right angle. Put your right hand behind your had and left arm out to the side.  Squeeze your lower ab muscles and come up to perform a crunch.  As you are doing so try to touch our right elbow to your left knee.  Repeat on the other side.

Barbell Rollout Exercise For Lower Abs

The barbell rollout exercise is a bit more challenging to execute.  The mechanics are similar to doing a static abs plank exercise, however with the addition of the rolling barbell you are working on stability as well as against gravity.

The key is to begin this exercise slowly focusing on your form.  A pair of GymPaws workout gloves are invaluable here.  Because GymPaws are real leather, they will enhance your grip on the bar while allowing for natural hand rotation. (Also why GymPaws are a great workout gloves choice for any exercise in the gym.)

When executing the barbell rollout exercise make sure you’re returning to the starting position by pulling with your abs, not with your hands and shoulders.  Start with slow controlled movements.  If you are trying for the first time, do so next to a mirror if possible so you can evaluate your form.

Of course it’s going to take more than a couple ab exercises to get those elusive v shaped abs, but with a great diet and consistent workouts, you should be well on your way!

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