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How To Get V Shaped Abs

How to get v shaped absSo is there really a V Shaped Ab Workout you can do to get v shaped abs?  The answer is not as simple as yes and no.  The mid section of the torso is where most guys carry extra body fat.  Until you lose this extra little layer of insulation, the v shape on guys isn’t going to be visible.  Whether you like it or not, you’re first line of defense is to get your cardio on and start burnin calories!  Having said that there are a couple of exercises you can do to build muscle and sculpt the abs v shape.

What Are V Shaped Abs Exactly?

Also called the money maker or v to the p, it refers to the indentation or visible line that runs from the obliques to the groin region.  It runs just above the hip and outlines the lower abs on the torso.  If you’re wondering how to get v shaped abs, you need to first understand what they are.

Your “abs” as we refer to them, run from just below the Pectoralis Major or pecs, down to the Illiac Crest and pubic bone.  Your ab muscles aren’t just for showin off at the beach.  There’s a reason why your personal trainer constantly reminds you to focus on your core when you’re training.  The abs muscles stabilize the body throughout virtually every movement as well as keep your posture in alignment.  You can read our previous post learn more about the purpose of ab muscles.V shape on guys is hard to get

How To Get V Shaped Abs

1.  Focus on Body Composition.

If you have a higher body fat percentage you’re not going to see your abs muscles regardless.  Because they are a long, flat muscle group it’s much harder to see definitely simply by adding more weight to build muscle.  Contact a personal trainer to help you determine your body fat percentage.

2. You Are What You Eat. 

Your body composition has less to do with the hour a day you spend at the gym and more to do with the other 23 hours of the day!  Any personal trainer or athletic coach worth his salt will tell you this!  If your diet is crap and you’re spending every weekend playing beer pong with your friends you need to be focusing on lifestyle changes before studying up on how to get v shaped abs.

3. Build Lower Abs

If you’re confident that you have a clean diet, and your body fat is low enough, there are a few exercises you can do to get that v shape on guys.  While there isn’t really a v shaped abs workout to follow per se, you can make your own by focusing on building lower abs and obliques.

how-to-get-v-shaped-abs, gympaws workout gloves, gympaws crossfit glovesHanging Leg Raises – Get up on that pull ups bar and start with a dead hang.  Bring your knees up to a 90 degree position so that your quads (upper legs / thighs) are parallel to the floor.  THIS is your starting position.  Focus on squeezing your abs and bringing your knees up and/or to your chest.  Note:  if you’re doing hanging leg raises beginning from the dead hang position, then you’re engaging your hip flexors at the beginning of the movement moreso than your abs.

Side Planks – Any obliques exercises are going to be crucial to building sexy set of v shaped abs.  Side Planks are a good start!  Get on the floor and rest your bodyweight on your elbow and forearm.  Extend yourself in a straight line so that your body is building a plank from your upper body to your feet.   The movement focuses on lowering your hips towards the floor and then back up to the starting position.  You can make the exercises more difficult by changing up the starting position.  This is also referred to as progressive loading.

Getting the v to the p is easier for some than for others.  You can build v shaped abs if you focus on diet and body composition however.  If it were easy… everyone would have em!