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Chris Salvatore – Music and Muscles | GymPaws™ Fit Guys

chris salvatore bio, crossfit glovesChris Salvatore is our pick this week for GymPaws™ Guys, not just because of his male model physique.  He recently grabbed our attention from a brief “shout out” on the celeb tabloid Show TMZ and we wanted to learn more.  This guy’s a true triple threat in the entertainment biz as an actor, model and singer and his fan base is growing bigger by the minute!  He’s an inspiring role model to the LGBT Community as a gay rights activist, and his career’s meteoric rise seems to be unstoppable (even Cher is following him on Twitter!)

As we’re sure most actors and models can attest, their body is their business card.  Being camera ready 24/7 has gotta be tough and we wanted to know first hand what it takes to maintain v shaped abs and 5% bodyfat while maintaining a grueling touring and recording schedule. We got in touch with Chris to see if we could get an idea of what a Chris Salvatore Workout was like, find out how to get v shaped abs, and see what other fitness inspirations we could glean!

Standing at a very tall 6′ 3″ Chris Salvatore’s height is an advantage when it comes to the modeling industry but it can be an obstacle in the gym for some guys who’s goal it is to build muscle mass. Ectomorph body types are typically the guys at the gym that are the “hard gainers.”  By nature they have super high metabolisms and a very lean.  To build muscle mass and keep it, ectomorph body types need to be sure they’re always fueling with lots of quality calories and their gym routines need to include heavy weights.

We asked Chris about his training diet and there really isn’t one to speak of (don’t hate)!  In fact he told us that cheeseburgers were his favorite food and that he really doesn’t need to watch what he eats at all – just that he eats enough when he’s training hard.  Of course he supplements with protein shakes when he needs to as well.

So what about those sexy v shaped abs?  First of all if you’re a guy asking how to get v shaped abs you’re probably not gonna like what we’re gonna say.  Unless you’re super lean you’re probably never gonna see em!  Assuming you’re rockin a 6 pack (or close to it) you can work on building your lower ab muscles as well as your obliques.  Train em like any other muscle group if your goal is to get that infamous “v to the p.”

One of Chris’ favorite ab exercises is the medicine ball crunch.  For those of you not familiar with medicine balls, those are the weighted balls at the gym that resemble basketballs and their weight increases with their size.  When added to traditional ab exercises they can be a very effective training tool.  Chris said he busts out a couple hundred of these each time he trains his abs.

We’re sure those rock hard core muscles come in handy when he’s belting out one of his newest singles!  Speaking of which, you can check out all Chris Salvatore Music at his new website