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Hot V Shaped Abs – GymPaws™ Fit Guys

Looking to get V shaped abs?  Well it’s not easy!  You may have heard v shaped abs called “the money maker,” but we’re not going to venture to guess how that name came to be!  What we do know is that v shaped abs are just about the sexiest body feature and the truth is most guys will never see em!  Let’s go over some tips to get v shaped abs… and here’s some great motivation from our latest GymPaws™ Fit Guys entry!

hot shirtless guy muscle pics The v-shaped cut in the lower abdominal region is what we’re referring to here. The v shape comes from the starting point at both sides of the oblique and funnels at angles and come to the “point” of the v right at the groin.

You can do the best ab exercises and have solid 6 pack abs, but the reality is getting the “v to the p” is not going to be easy!  It basically comes down to having proper nutrition to get as lean as possible, and then consistently adhering to a great ab workout!  Here are a couple great ab exercises to get v shaped abs:

Oblique Twist Exercise

This is a great exercise because it focuses on the obliques.  Oblique twists also work the lower and upper abs.  Lie on your back with your calves up on a bench so you’re forming a right angle. Put your right hand behind your had and left arm out to the side.  Squeeze your lower ab muscles and come up to perform a crunch.  As you are doing so try to touch our right elbow to your left knee.  Repeat on the other side.

Flat Bench Lying Leg Raise

This ab exercise is a little more difficult to perform, to be sure to focus. Lay on a flat bench with your hands under your lower back.  Start in a plank position with your legs straight out, and then with total focus on your lower abs, raise your legs up to a 90 degree position.  Slightly lift your hips off the bench and then return your legs back to the starting position.

Of course it’s going to take more than a couple ab exercises to get those elusive v shaped abs, but with a great diet and consistent workouts, you should be well on your way!