Tarzan Diet and Workout

Under The Loincloth – Alexander Skarsgard Tarzan Workout

Tarzan Diet and Workout

Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgard seems to have it all going from him.  He's married to a model, he's hiked to the South Pole, and he's been the golden boy of Hollywood for a decade. In his most recent role in the 2016 film The Legend of Tarzan, he leaves little to the imagination as a shredded animalistic wildman swinging through the jungle. We're going under the loincloth to show you the Alexander Skarsgard Tarzan Workout.

Alexander Skarsgard Diet For Tarzan Movie

Alex packed on a whopping 24 pounds of muscle onto his 6 foot 4 inch frame and it didn't just happen as a result of his weight training.  As any Personal Trainer will tell you, a great body starts in the gym and Tarzan was no exception. His diet was void of dairy products, gluten, and sugar,  and his daily caloric intake could be as much as 7,000 calories.  A balanced diet and nutritional plan isn't about downing as many weightlifting supplements as possible. According to his trainer Magnus Lygdback, the director of the film didn't want a roided out gym body look for Skarsgard, so that meant eating as natural as possible.  Clean fish like Salmon and white fish, as well as poached eggs made up most of his protein intake,  while fresh veggies and brown rice rounded out the rest of the food pyramid.  And you guessed it… ZERO alcohol during his 7 month training period. 

Alexander Skarsgard Tarzan Workout

You may be surprised to learn that he didn't transform into a muscle god by spending hours a day weightlifting in the gym. His exercise and fitness routine was far more integrated and included a lot of bodyweight exercises and functional training. Afterall, Skarsgard needed to perform on camera as well as look pretty running around sweaty and shirtless for 90 minutes on screen .

Alexander Skarsgard Shirtless Pics

Some of Alexanders favorite exercises include Kettlebell Swings, which are great for sculpting the deltoids and traps.  Pull ups are of course one of the best upper body exercises you can do, and they were included in nearly every Tarzan workout both inside and out of the gym.  

Skarsgard Tarzan Gym Routine

GymPaws® have been one of the best selling alternatives to gym gloves for nearly 4 years, and they're a favorite as gloves for pull ups, kettlebells, and Crossfit in addition to weightlifting.  4 Finger loops keep them in place, while a slightly padded leather palm ease hand fatigue and enhance grip.  You can also check out all GymPaws® Exercise and Fitness products on Amazon.com

In addition to bodyweight exercises Tarzan's Alexander Skarsgard did incorporate some traditional free weight exercises with dumbbells as well as a ton of core movements to help sculpt those v shaped abs. Planks, v-ups and russian twists were just a few. Battling Ropes were responsible for creating his symmetrical, "primate like" upper body including delts, lats and traps.  Here's a great video demo of 12 exercises you can do with the battle ropes.   

While it may be fun (and a little motivating) to search for an Alexander Skarsgard Tarzan Workout or any other celebrity routine for that matter, it's not realistic for the average joe gym rat.  We don't have  team of personal chefs, on call personal trainers and fitness experts, and an entourage to keep us in check. Like any exercise and fitness goal, you have to be realistic about what you want to achieve, and most importantly what small changes you can make to your diet and lifestyle to make sure you not only achieve them, but stay at that level.