Build Bigger Shoulders

GymPawsfitguys12Build bigger shoulders to help you achieve the highly sought after “V” shaped torso is the look most men strive for when hitting the iron at the gym. Having a great set of broad shoulders that compliment a thin waist is the ultimate look. It’s also safe to say that most women want to see that look on a guy as well. Besides having that great look we all desire, the shoulders are a detrimental muscle group to train to help keep your body proportioned. You can’t have a huge chest and massive triceps without a nice set of shoulders to compliment them. Your shoulders just won’t let them grow! If you’re looking to build broad shoulders, then look no further!

There are 5 simple tips that will help you build broad shoulders! Applying these tips to your routine will help you develop muscular, broad, athletic, and powerful shoulders!

First of all, you need to work on building a thicker chest and back. If you want to build broad shoulders, you need to have properly developed chest and lats. Your back muscles pull your shoulders back, and if you have an over developed chest and a scrawny back, your shoulders will pull forward into a very unattractive way. Your shoulders also are resting on top of your lats and parts of your chest. By developing your lats, back muscles, and chest, you will help compliment your shoulders.

If you focus on exercising them more than once a week, you will build those broad shoulders faster! If you split up your workout days by body part splits you can add them onto the end of a workout or vice versa.

Another key to build broad shoulders is by building thick full traps. Your traps are the muscles that connect the neck with the top of the shoulders. It is very important to have a good balance between your deltoids and traps; if you go to an extreme with either of them you will end up looking very disproportioned – which is not appealing to anyone.

Fluctuate your amount of repetitions when training your shoulders is the best tip when trying to build broad shoulders. For heavier presses, do 5 sets with 5 reps and so forth. Do some lighter weights with one set of 50 reps. The possibilities are endless! Your deltoids are a smaller muscle that gives them the ability to recover quickly and gives them the ability to take more muscle damage when training.