2017 Best Crossfit Gloves

Hot Crossfit Guys WOD And Training Gloves

What do hot Crossfit guys WOD and training gloves have in common?  Without one you likely won't see the other.  HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts aren't anything new, at least to those who have sworn by them to get chiseled abs and bulging biceps.  We all need a little #fitspo from time to time to keep us motivated to get to the gym or weightlifting room.  Here are some #swoleandflexy dudes to help inspire you to #chasethepump .

Hot Crossfit Guys WOD And Training Gloves

Best Crossfit Gloves 2017

Knees to Elbows, Clean and Jerks, Pull Ups, and tire tosses are just a few of the hundreds of exercise variations you'll find in a typical Crossfit WOD. Just as plentiful as the training routines themselves, are workout and gym gloves. GymPaws® Original Leather Weightlifting Grips have been voted the #1 Best Crossfit Gloves 2017.

Hot Crossfit Guys WOD And Training Gloves

Key Crossfit Movements To Get Better At

Pulling – Pull ups, Rope Climbs, Pull phase of Olympic lifts.  These are all exercises that require you to have a solid core, strong and flexible lower body, and solid grip. 

Squatting – Pistol Squats, Front Squats, Back Squats – You can't go wrong doing any variation of the squat.  They're not just great exercises to build muscle in your legs and lower body, but squats are a whole body workout. 

Hinge Patterns – Olympic lifts, kettlebell swings, deadlifts and any other posterior chain dominant movement.

Hot Crossfit Guys 2017 

These hot crossfit guys all have one thing in common, commitment.  Hitting up the gym or Crossfit box once or twice a week isn't gonna get you the results you want to see from your weight training. It takes an awesome diet, plenty of rest, and the best crossfit gloves 2017.

Best Crossfit Gloves 2017

You can wade through our entire exercise and fitness catalog of gym gear via the Amazon link above or you can check out the website.  You can pay using Amazon at checkout or Paypal or any major credit card. 

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