Triceps Crossfit Exercise Arms

Hot Crossfit Guys Workout Home Gym

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has been around for decades. A type of HIIT, Crossfit burns fat and packs on muscle. Hot Crossfit guys workout home gym is about applying the same exercises outside of a box.

Crossfit Exercises You Can Do At Home

Okay well maybe not all of us have the room to slam battle ropes around at home or bust out reps of clean and jerks, but there are options. Just like GymPaws are good workout gloves because they are designed with purpose and are quality made, your out-of-gym exercise can be equally as meaningful.

Fingerless Workout Gloves and Monkey Bars

This hot crossfit guys workout clearly helped get him shredded.  Obviously a healthy lean diet is crucial too. Pull ups are one of the best compound exercises you can do.  Nearly every muscle group of the chest, back, shoulders, arms and core are engaged with each rep.  Toss on a pair of fingerless workout gloves and hit a near by park or pick a solid tree branch in your own backyard.

Crossfit Workout In Park

Not to be out done but bachelor number two is gettin swole on a pair of parallel bars which can be found in parks as well.  The good news is you can get a similar burn doing a triceps workout at home just using a chair, table or counter ledge.

Triceps Crossfit Exercise Arms

Don’t be fooled into doing mass amounts of biceps curls if you want big arms.  This hot crossfit guys workout looks a bit full of himself, but he definitely earned those arms.

Hunk with junk beach body

Finally our last hunk with junk is here to remind is that it may be winter, but a summer beach body is never far away.  Swimming isn’t part of a typical hot crossfit guy workout, but this bloke looks like he’s just there to push people in the water.

GymPaws were made a worldwide brand name thanks to Crossfit fanatics. We appreciate them as much as they do our gloves.  You can get a pair right here and checkout with your Amazon Account, Paypal or Credit Card.