Fitness Gift Ideas 2017

Fitness Gift Ideas For Sweaty People

Sometimes just walking from the lockeroom to the workout floor can be enough for me to break a sweat.  That doesn't mean I'm a novice in the gym or starting a brand new workout, quiet the contrary because I'm a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer.  I just happen to be one of those people that sweat very easily.  There are a few fitness gift ideas for sweaty people that I've come across over the years, and traditional crossfit gloves or gym gloves are usually not one of the most ideal. 

Fitness Gift Ideas For Sweaty People

Sweating is your body's natural response to being overheated.  It is the mechanism by which your body attempts to cool itself by pushing water to the surface of the skin where it can evaporate taking heat along with it.  You don't have to be hitting it hard in the Crossfit box or gym workout floor to break a sweat however.  What happens when you eat something super spicy or hot?  Your forehead probably starts beading sweat on your brow.  

Fitness Gift Ideas For Sweaty People

So let's say you need to find a fitness gift idea for someone who works out, or start shopping for gifts for Personal Trainers.  There are some lame options like the fitness gift basket idea.  GymPaws® has been contacted by numerous companies over the years to be included in their gift baskets because our products continuously are one of the best rated workout gloves out there.  We always decline however because these are almost always a promotional scheme where a company uses well known brands to help promote their client's new brands by association.  We don't need that.  And you don't need traditional weightlifting gloves most of the time, especially if you're an easy sweater like me. 

Fitness Gift Ideas for Sweaty People

The reason why GymPaws® original leather weight lifting grips are the go to workout glove for those who call themselves "sweaty people," can be best illustrated by the design itself. 

Fitness Gift Ideas For Workout

No excess bulky material like traditional workout gloves.  A slightly padded GENUINE leather palm protects against calluses. 

The hydro-phobic Neoprene backing wicks away moisture, and 4 finger loops keep them in place. 

They are ergonomically designed to be compact and fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. 

You can purchase all of the GymPaws® Workout Gloves and fitness idea products right here on our website using your Amazon account at checkout or Paypal or a major credit card. In addition, visiting here on Amazon will take you directly to the GymPaws® shop.