Best Gym Gloves - Fitness Trivia

Fitness Trivia – Fun Facts

Best Gym Gloves - Fitness Trivia

Everyone loves random trivia so here are 5 Fun Fitness Trivia Facts that we think are pretty interesting! Whether you’re chatting up friends at a cocktail party or want to make some interesting conversation with your personal trainer the next time you’re at the gym. 

What is the longest muscle in the body?


Fun Fitness Facts and Trivia

The Satorius is the longest muscle in the body. Located in the leg  it originates from the anterior superior iliac spine (ASIS) to the medial tibia.  This means from the pelvic area to the knee.

The Satorius muscle is responsible for rotating the hip externally and flexing and rotating the knee internally.

Most Push Ups In One Hour

Carton Williams Push Ups

On January 11, 2014 Australian stud Carlton Williams busted out 1,874 push ups in one hour!  If you’re doing the math, that’s more than 31 push ups every minute!  While Carlton was trying to make a world record, you can incorporate push ups into your Chest Workout for a sure fire way to chisel your physique! Check out our previous post How To Do A Proper Push Up.

Most Fitness Videos Produced By A Single Person

46 year old Southern California Native Chalene Johnson is officially the most prolific Fitness Video creator (as of May 2011). She holds the Guinness World Record for this feat by having produced and starred in 94 workout videos that were a minimum of 40 minutes in length.  You can check out and buy any of Chalene’s stuff right here on Amazon.

Fitness Trivia and Fitness Gifts


Longest Time Holding an Ab Plank Position

Proper Form For Ab Planks

Surely your Personal Trainer has pushed you through your fair share of Ab Planks!  They’re a pretty simple exercise actually.  By resting your body weight solely on your elbows / forearms and toes you create a “plank” with your body.  As you use your abs and glutes to maintain proper form, you’re also doing one of the best and most efficient abs isolation exercises!

On August 29, 2014 Eva Bulzomi of Boise, Idaho held her ab plank position for 2 hours and 21 minutes taking the female world record!  Next time your personal trainer has you hold that plank for 60 seconds, try envisioning doing it for 2 hours and it just might be a little bit easier!

What Are The Best Gym Gloves?

Best Selling Gym Gloves Amazon

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